Bucket of Blood Saloon (and beer)

Location:  1 South C Street, Virginia City, Nevada

There is an old mining town named Virginia City that looks like it has been frozen in time up in the Nevada hills about 30 miles south of Reno.

The town has been a hot spot for tourists and motorcyclist alike for decades, especially during the annual Street Vibrations motorcycle event, where I first set my eyes on Virginia City while out on a local area ride my some buddies.

aaa bldg

The look and feel of the mostly original town in Virginia City throws you back in time to the old west. There are some fun shop, bars and restaurants and several old historic hotels that are reportedly haunted.

b bldg
Inside of the Bucket of Blood Saloon

Virginia City is located around 30 miles south of Reno in the highland. Once you get off the main highway the ride gets curvy with some beautiful panoramic views.

c bldg
Saloon Decor

Of several famous places on main street, the most famous bar/saloon is the Bucket of Blood which has been there since 1876. The place looks like it hasn’t changed a bit since it first opened, the decor is very interesting to see and there are some very interesring historic items showcased around the saloon.

Local Silver Mining History
e bldg
Live Music at the Saloon

The Bucket of Blood Saloon is very popular and visited by many who go to Virginia City. They even have their own beer now made by the Mountain Brewing Company out of Clover Valley Nevada.

f beer
Bucket of Blood Saloon Beer

At the Bucket of Blood Saloon the beers and drinks are good, the views great, and the ambiance epic. If you’re ever in the area, take a ride or a drive up to Virginia City and Bucket of Blood Saloon to step back into the old west for some great history, food and drink.


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