Beers in Bend Oregon

I’ve traveled to Bend, Oregon while working in nearby Prineville for several years and over time grew to know and love the area very well, and of all the places I’ve traveled all over the globe – Bend Oregon is one of my all time favorites.

The area is beautiful. The landscape consists of a variety of terrain extremes which makes the area unique, and then there are the breweries…

The amount of breweries in Bend is amazing. Let me rephrase that, that amount of really GOOD breweries in Bend is amazing! This is truly a beer lovers town.


10 Barrel became one of my favorite places. Great beers, great food at the brewery and really great scene and staff.

One time after hanging out at the pub one afternoon after work, I got a tattoo of a beer glass a block away from 10 Barrel at Mums Tattoo…. that beer memory is going to last a lifetime 🙂




Deschutes is a fairly well known brewery with distribution nationwide. Over the years I ate at the brewpub often and went on the brewery tour several times because it was pretty cool to see their operations going on. I also got a chance to go to their 25th anniversary party at the pub that was a blast.


Over the years I visited just about every single brewery in Bend, severally really stood out as my favorites: 10 Barrel Brewery (bought by AB InBev just a few years ago), Bone Yard,  Deschutes, Worthy Brewing (one of my favs), Crux Fermentation Project, GoodLife Brewing and many more.

Although I am not a fan of big corporations buying out small craft breweries, the one thing I found that is good about giant AB InBev buying 10 Barrel is the expanded distribution. I live on the east coast and just found 10 Barrel Cucumber Sour (one of my all time favorites) at Taco Mac in Peachtree City Georgia.

If you are a fan of beer and on a quest to travel and try beers, you absolutely must put Bend Oregon at the top of your bucket list.

If you’re a serious fan of beer, try and conquer the Bend Ale Trail – like I did!




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